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Company Information

Amelio Works is ...

We are a paid employment placement business operated by SHEEPS Co.,Ltd.

We specialize in introducing foreign human resources such as highly skilled human resources, global human resources, and foreigners with specified skills. ​


I want to contribute to revitalizing the local economy.


We are assisting in the utilization of foreign human resources as a means of achieving labor shortage solutions.

Would you like to concern hiring foreigners?


Company Profile

Business name: SHEEPS Co., Ltd.

Head office: 1-15-203 Saijo Showa-cho, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

TEL. 082-423-7890

Representative: Representative Director Meri Kamei

Established: April 17, 2017

Capital: 7.5 million yen

​Number of employees: 7 (as of July 2023)

Business content: Human resources consulting business

                               Paid employment placement business


Paid employment placement agency Amelio Works

​Permit number 34-U300494


Registration support organization

​19th climb-000097


2017 Established SHEEPS Co., Ltd.

2019 Obtained qualification as a registered support organization that supports specified skilled foreigners

2020 SHEEPS Co., Ltd. started Amelio Works, a paid employment agency

​Introducing highly skilled human resources, specific skills, and foreign human resources



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